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AI-powered, marketing solutions that generates leads at a fixed price!

Get your leads at a pre-set price
No fixed fee; no handling or setup fees
Money back guarantee if we do not achieve the agreed metrics

We are lead generation experts for specific industries

* With focus on software outsourcing
Accounting solutions, video creators, automation software, website designers. No niche products.
Preschool, private education, MBA, courses, higher business schools, special education.
Dance classes, team sport activities, events, fishing, sailing, golf.
Hairdressers, massage studios, body wellness in general, beauty, diet, fitness.
Real estate, furniture, renovation, house insurance, mortgage providers.
How did we get there?

Human experts + artificial intelligence = Quality leads at a pre-set price

Create the most efficient growth strategy for your business with our AI-based technology and team of experts.
Marketing experts
Cleoo team
Our team has a deep knowledge of digital ad design.
We are experts in keyword set-up, multi-channel coordination, audience targeting, and tracking.
We have ample experience in preparing campaigns for optimal AI performance.
Artificial Intelligence
AI objectively evaluates the best performing ads and channels.
AI distributes your daily budget across multiple channels in the most effective way.
AI analyses your target audiences’ behaviour to figure out where to reach them.

Why choose Cleoo

Cleoo guaranteed you a fixed price per lead - based on our analysis of your business model, your products and services, your target market, and your monthly online marketing budget.
We want you to succeed as much as you do! Once you become a Cleoo partner, we’ll do what it takes to achieve your goals, even if it means we have to spend extra ourselves to deliver on our promises or pay you back the outstanding undelivered results in cash.
Starting with the basics, our aim is to prove to you that our system works. Once you’ve seen results, we’ll suggest a growth model that will increase your performance and accelerate your returns.
You don't pay for any design or handling fees - and there are no surprises when it comes to billing. You simply pay for the results, based on the pre-set price we agreed on.
We invest all our skills in your promotion(s)! Sounds interesting?
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Zero handling, set-up and design fees.
Guaranteed results at a fixed price.
You get your money back if we don’t deliver the results we promised.
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Cleoo vs. Competitors

Performance guarantee
Performance guarantee
Money back guarantee
No setup fees
No fixed management fees
Powered by evolutive AI
We both have the same goals
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Our products

Pay Per Goal

Delivers leads at a set price with no fixed commitment period. For new securing customers and short-term lead generation support.
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Delivers leads at a set price with a fixed commitment period. For securing new customers and a long-term lead generation strategy.
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